Eccles Reserve

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Residents remember this park as a paddock with a creek running through it, before the creek was converted into a brick drain during the depression of the 1930s. The creek flowed through Rudd Park and into Cooks River.

In 1954 the Belfield Citizens Association requested that the playing field in Linda Street and Seymour Parade be named Eccles Park. It may have been named because Alderman Eccles was involved with getting the land made a reserve, or because he worked to upgrade it. In the same year the East Ward Residents Association wrote to council requesting that the park be upgraded, and forwarded to council a cheque for 40 pounds which they had raised by public subscription for amenities. They requested that council use the money to install swings.

In April 1967 the Ashbury Progress Association wrote requesting that council transfer the name Eccles Park from the Belfield area to the new sporting area in Whitfield Ave because "Ald Eccles has given long and untiring service to this section of the Municipality." Council did not accede to the request.

Sometime before 1976 an old council Aveling and Porter Steam Roller (steam driven) was retired to the park as a piece of play equipment. The chimney was filled with cement for safety. During 1976 a member of the NSW Steam Preservation Co-op Ltd wrote and requested to purchase the roller to restore it. The machine was sold and moved in 1981.

Steamroller at Eccles Reserve

Alderman James William Eccles

James William Eccles married Elenora Creek in 1930 and the marriage was registered in Rockdale. Elenora died in 1973. James died on 14th January 1981, aged 77.

James Eccles was elected an Alderman on council in 1952 and served until 1971. He was mayor in 1968-9. His occupation was plumbing contractor.