East Hills Railway line: Narwee Station Heritage Panel

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East Hills Railway Line: Narwee Station Heritage Panel

Narwee Railway Station, Narwee. Unveiled by Councillor Kayee Griffin, Mayor of Canterbury, on 24 April 2001.

Narwee Railway Station opened on 21 December 1931, and is the only station on the East Hills line in the Canterbury City area. The name is said to be an Aboriginal word meaning "sun", perhaps selected because the station is on land called "Sunning Hill Farm" owned by Robert Gardner from 1819 to 1873. The adjoining farm on the west was called "Sunny Grove".

Although construction of the line was authorised by State Parliament in 1924, funds were not provided by the Government until 1928. Work proceeded in fits and starts because of the Great Depression which began in 1929. The line opened with an electrified double track from Tempe to Kingsgrove in September 1931, most services being a shuttle from and to Tempe. Rail motors running on a single line provided the service between Kingsgrove and East Hills from December 1931 until the line was electrified in 1939. The need to change trains at Kingsgrove and Tempe was not popular.

The double track was extended from Kingsgrove to Herne Bay (now Riverwood) in 1948. The remainder of the line was duplicated with the extension to Glenfield in 1987, and the link with Sydney Airport opened in 2000.

Research for this Panel by Brian Madden and Lesley Muir. Print courtesy of Mr R Newey.

This Panel was erected by Canterbury City Council, 2001.