Earlwood Tram Terminus Heritage Panel

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Earlwood Tram Terminus Heritage Panel 23

362 Homer Street, Earlwood (near Joy Avenue) Unveiled by Councillor Kayee Griffin, Mayor of Canterbury on 22 April 1999.

Known as "Parkes Camp" and then "Parkestown" after the family of the original land grantee, John Parkes, dense forest once covered this ridge. In the late nineteenth century the area was called "Forest Hill" and then finally "Earlwood" from about 1915. The extension of the tram line from Marrickville to Undercliffe in 1912 had encouraged suburban settlement along Homer Street both during and after World War I, and soon after the war, the War Services Homes Commission acquired large estates in Earlwood and Undercliffe for the erection of homes for returned servicemen. There had been sufficient home construction to warrant the tram service being extended to Earlwood in 1924, and the service was an immediate success. Earlwood Public School opened in 1916, churches began in the early 1920s, and shops and picture theatres were built in the shopping centre around the tram terminus.

Prepared by Canterbury City Library Research for this panel by Lesley Muir and Brian Madden.