Earlwood Public School

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Earlwood Public School Infants' Department Building, 390 - 396 Homer Street, Earlwood. Ca 1966. Brian McEvoy Collection

The first successful application for a school in this locality was made in 1908 by the local progress Association. The inspector of schools reported Canterbury Public School was sufficient for the requirements of Earlwood, or Forest Hill as the district was then called. A "cluster of 90 houses" was the description applied to the locality. The application was renewed in 1912 and the department of education approved the establishment of a school on June 20th, 1913. At first it was proposed to erect a temporary building, but the decision was then made to wait until a more permanent structure could be provided. The first section of the site, (area 2 acres, 32 perches) was secured in 1914 by purchase from W. Barret for the sum of 500 pounds. A further section of 2 roods, 75 3/4 perches was obtained from Neville and Barrett in July, 1917, this cost 575 pounds and a third portion of 18 3/4 perches was aquired for 30 in February, 1928. The school was completed by Nicholl and Tomkins in 1916; H.M. Moran being the first Headmaster. The enrolment in the first quarter was 110, additions were made in 1918, costing 546 pounds and in 1923, at a cost of 1,715 pounds. The contractor on both occasions being E.J. Hocking. In 1929, a new building containing eight class rooms and a kindergarten room was erected for the infants. This work cost 9,504 pounds. In 1938 a new building for the girls' department and additions to the boys department were built at a cost of 7,750 pounds.


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