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Land had been purchased in Robert Street in 1934 and sold in 1937. Later, a Bible School was commenced in the Soldiers' Memorial Hall, Fricourt Avenue, Earlwood. In 1938, the school and church merged and was known as Canterbury- Earlwood Church of Christ.

The brick building now occupied, situated high up on the solid rock foundation in Burlington Avenue is a unique place of worship. Unique, because it was built by voluntary labour and with limited finance. Mrs P. J. Bond, wife of the Youth Director, officially opened the church. Mr P. J. Bond had already played a major role for several years.

There has been much building progress since that time. The gigantic boulders in nearby Thompson Street ruled out the land there for a building site.

The price paid to Mr Douglas Burling for the church site was £90. Later on, an extra portion at the rear - reaching back to the insuperable wall of the disused Quarry - was acquired for little finance. Mr W. Rootswas instrumental in chiseling out the foundation for twelve concrete steps up one side of the rock.

The street name was changed from Jane to Burlington Avenue; the road was asphalted across to the gutter and the footpath paved, thanks to an interested Council.

The Chief Builder of the rear hall was Mr W. J. Mansell, and several workers contributed hundreds of pounds worth of voluntary labour, leaving only £2,250 for the total cost. Mr A Hinrichse completed in 1953 a successful Ministry of nine years duration.


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