Dr Tucker's Model Farm

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Forest Grove, also known as Dr. Tucker's Model Farm, was situated on the corner of King Georges Road and Tucker Street, Wiley Park

Forest Grove was a farm of 160 acres, consolidated by William Richard Welch from three land grants in the late 1830s. Welch established a nursery in Pitt Street, Sydney with a "choice and rare collection" soon after his arrival in the colony in 1817, and proved his ability as a "nurseryman, seedsman and gardener", moving first to rented premises on the Botany Road and later to his own Forest Grove farm. In 1853, the property was "in a high state of cultivation, a large garden with fruit trees, and a neat cottage". George Alfred Tucker bought the land in 1874.

He was the owner of the Bayview Asylum at Tempe, a place where the wealty could place their mentally unstable relatives for care and treatment.

Forest Grove became known as "Dr Tucker's Model Farm", and it was subdivided under that name in 1880.