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Dan’s Corner, 485 Canterbury Road, Campsie

The land was subdivided as the “Beamish Estate” by John Perry, and sold in 1905 to John Thompson Ralston, solicitor. In 1908, Annie Ruth McKern bought lot 38(2r½ p), and in 1911 sold it to the Intercolonial Investment Land and Building Company Ltd. Part of the land, creating the rounded comer, was transferred for road widening in 1913.

Dan's Corner, 485 Canterbury Rd Campsie

On 8 November 1928, George Dan of Randwick, gentleman, bought the land with its existing shops. A prominent member of Sydney’s Lebanese community, he had owned a clothing factory in Elizabeth Street up to the time of World War I, and after his retirement had taken over the management of the Orient Club at 179 Elizabeth Street Sydney.

George Dan in December 1929 leased shop no.6 “Dan’s Corner” to Daniel Murphy, butcher, and shop no. 12 to Lyndia Lloyd, wife of James Gouldie Lloyd of Campsie, engineer. In January 1930, George Dan mortgaged the property to solicitors Donald Macintyre and William Cope. In early 1931, he leased the garage to Herbert Clement Sims of Earlwood, builder. Sims died in March 1932, but the lease did not expire until 1934. From this circumstantial evidence, it is possible to date the construction of the distinctive Inter-war Mediterranean style buildings to probably between 1933 and early 1934. The building’s design, its name panel and roof lantern addressing the Beamish Street-Canterbury Road comer, is influenced by the style identified with Professor Leslie Wilkinson, and may have been architect-designed, but no evidence of this has been found from tender notices. Dan’s Corner building in its present form was standing before 1943, as evidenced by it's existence in the 1943 aerial maps. The mortgage on the building was discharged in February 1937.

Shop no. 12 was re-leased as a garage in early 1934, and continued to have this use without a break until at least 1951. Shop no.9 was used by Walter Butler as his auction hall during the 1930s. A butcher, a fruit shop and a ham and beef shop were also located at Dan’s Comer during the 1930s, and it became a local landmark shopping centre.

George Dan died on 11 January 1953, and the property passed to his wife, Ruby, and son Alexander Morven Dan of Kingsford, medical practitioner. Alexander Morven Dan became sole owner on 24 February 1955. By the end of the 20th century, he was a company director and property developer based in Bondi Junction. The building is still (2011) owned by him.


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