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In May 1928, the school at Campsie was so overcrowded that the Education department rented this hall on weekdays and paid the Campsie Parish £90 per year. This school was called "Clemton Park Infants School, Clemton Park, Canterbury".

The school on the new site in Northcote Street (now Bexley Road) was commenced by May 1928, and was already being called "The School on the Hill". The contract was for a two-storey brick building with three classrooms, one staff-room and hall downstairs, three classrooms and staff-room upstairs, a double weathershed and toilet block. It was to cater for 300 children – 50 in each room. In 1928 while the school was being built, all correspondence kept referring to it as “Clemton Park” school, so in October 1928, it was officially stated that the name of the new school would be Clemton Park, and the school in the church hall was changed to “Canterbury South”.

The first students enrolled on 28th January 1929 were transferred mostly from Earlwood, Campsie, South Belmore and Clemton Park Infants. The very first principal of our school was Mr Moran who was followed by Mr Buxton.

No sooner was the school built than it was too small. In February 1929 the enrolment was 292; in April 331, in June 380, in October 386; by August 1930 it was 450 and classes were being held in the Assembly Hall and the weathershed. It was not until 1944 that work commenced on enlarging the brick building. A kindergarten room, two classrooms and staff-room were added downstairs, a room and library upstairs. The opening of the additions were officially opened in November 1946. The school library was opened on the 24 September 1948, dedicated as the “Saint Smith Library”. It was hoped to make Clemton park’s Library a model for NSW and in 1962 a photo of the library was published in the UNESCO Journal.

Several infants rooms and the library were destroyed or damaged by fire in July 1974.

In 2016, there are 547 students enrolled. The school motto was and still is today ‘Vita Lampada which when translated into English means “Play the Game”.


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