Chelsea Theatre

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Earlwood Chelsea Theatre, (built 1940), ca 1950s. Copied with the permission of Barry Sharp.

Earlwood Chelsea Theatre was located at 285 Homer Street, Earlwood. The dates of operation were 16 October 1940 to 1st January 1978. [1]

This theatre opened on Wednesday 16 October, 1940 and had seating for 824 including the stalls and circle. The Earlwood Chelsea closed on Saturday 8 October, 1983. The interior was gutted and the building was converted into a retail establishment. It was re-modeled in the 1930’s in an Art Deco style. By 1981/1982, it was operating as the Atlas Theatre. Since closing in around 1979, it has been in use as a liquor store and supermarket, known as Earlwood Wines. [2]