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Andrews, Private Charles Alfred no.5028

1st Battalion 16th Reinforcements.

“Swerdna”, Remly Street, Lakemba.

Clerk in railway goods office.

Born 1893 at Redfern, son of Alfred Robert & Henrietta Edith Andrews.

Educated at Newtown Superior Public School.

Clerk in railway goods office.

Enlisted at Sydney 26/7/1915, aged 22.


Church of England.

Next of kin, father, A.R. Andrews, “Swerdna” Remly Street, Lakemba.

Embarked from Sydney 1/4/1916 per HMAT SS Makarini.

Killed at Mouquet Farm, near Pozieres 19/8/1916.

Buried Serre Road Cemetery no.2, grave XXVII.B. 16.

He was probably reburied in 1922 or 1926-34, from a smaller cemetery on the Somme battlefield.

AWM File IDRL428 Box 10 (Letters re missing servicemen to British Red Cross)

Pte Charles Gough no.3738 1st Battalion France 15/2/1917. (RTA1919):

The Private Charles Andrews whom I knew was a man of about 23 years of age, dark, small stature, and had a set of false upper teeth. I first became acquainted with him at — (Somme area) where he joined the battalion with other details, coming straight from Etaples, where, I believe, he has acted in the capacity of Q.M. to some details there. He was killed instantly by a shell on the 19/8/1916, and was buried in a shell hole near the line. I also received a wound shortly after, but I believe some of his mates placed a small cross over the remains.

Pte W. Waldron no.3510 1st Battalion Etaples 1/2/1917. (RTA 1917):

I knew him. He was in my Company and Platoon (B. V.) My pal, Private B. Gough of B. V. now up the line, told me he buried Andrews last August at Pozieres, near Mouquet Farm. He had been killed by a shell.

Pte H.F. Melville no.3871 1st Battalion Parhams Down Camp 21/9(?)/1916.

I saw Andrews struck by a shell while he was sitting in the trenches, in the front line at Pozieres. A fragment of shell entered his chest and killed him instantly. He was sitting with three others (one was Sergeant Kirby of the 1st Battalion) and all four were killed. Captain McGregor (of B Company 1st Battalion) secured Andrews' papers and disc. I was in the trench when Andrews was killed and saw him brought in. I did not see him buried but I saw his grave in the trench 150 yards from where the time ball was hanging. Andrews was short and dark, medium build, 22 or 23.

Sergeant F.W. Goulding no.5104 1st Battalion DCM Hut 36 Westham Camp. (Comment on evidence: “A superior man who has the DCM. A clear and intelligent witness”) (RTA 1917):

I knew Andrews well - we came from Australia together, his sister lived at Mosman NSW. He was the smallest man in our Battalion. Quartermaster - very popular. I saw him killed at Pozieres. We were advancing and a "dud" shell hit him right in the stomach and killed him outright. Another shell came over and he was buried outright by that one.

Private F. Selwyn no.5227 1st Battalion M Ward no.4 Australian General Hospital, Randwick 17/4/1917:

On the 19th August at Pozieres, Andrews and Private A.H. Kirby (no.508 1st Bn.) were killed by the same shell. Early in the same night, informant attended their burial service. This was conducted by Captain Ashley Brown, the Padre for the battalion. Both men were buried near the trench. Andrews was a great friend of informant’s and he afterwards made a cross for his grave. Informant would like to see Andrews’ people.

Lakemba RSC Roll of Honour.

Killed in Action Tele/Mirror list 11/11/1993 has: Andrews, Charles A Sydney died 19/8/1916.

Special acknowledgement

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Canterbury's boys : World War I & Sydney's suburban fringe. Edited by Lesley Muir. Campsie, N.S.W. : Canterbury and District Historical Society, 2002