Canterbury Vale Heritage Panel

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Canterbury Vale 1793

Canterbury Vale, Heritage Panel 2

Trevenar St near Allibone St, Peace Park, Ashbury Unveiled by Councillor John Gorrie, Mayor of Canterbury on on 30th May 1993.

This panel stands near the Northern boundary of the first land grant in the Canterbury Municipality. The grant, dated 28 May 1793, was of 100 acres to Reverend Richard Johnson, the Chaplain of the First Fleet. He called it "Canterbury Vale". The old Georges River Road shown was probably the original access road from Sydney, and the road westwards from Canterbury certainly was used when farms were established on Georges River from 1798. Johnson had ten convicts working for him at Canterbury and the first crops were grown in 1793 - 1794. In 1794, he had about 40 acres in cultivation. In 1795, he was growing 38 acres of wheat, oranges, limes, almonds, apricots, guavas, vines and figs, and he had 30 sheep and 50 goats on the farm. A further grant of 50 acres he called "Sheep Pasture Plains" was given in 1799. Johnson sold his land to William Cox in 1800 and returned to England, and Robert Campbell bought it in 1803. Johnson did not return to Australia, dying in England in 1827.

Prepared by Canterbury City Library Research for this panel by Lesley Muir and Brian Madden. Photograph for this panel courtesy Royal Australian Historical Society, map courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW.