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The Canterbury Community Aid Bureau stemmed from a public meeting convened by the mayor of Canterbury, Colin G. Williams on 29 June, 1972. The meeting, attended by nearly 200 people heard speakers from the Child Welfare Department and Chester Hill Community Aid Centre, and formed a steering committee.[1]

The first full meeting of the community aid service was held at Canterbury Council Chambers on 25 July. Dr. Paul d’Arbon was elected first president and in September the first training session for volunteers was commenced. At the quarterly meeting in October, Joan Armour was elected secretary and membership of the N.S.W. Council of Social Services was approved. By May, 1973, the Bureau had obtained premises in a building purchased by Canterbury Council in The Boulevarde, Lakemba at a cost of £25 000.[2]

It was one of the first to operate in the region and was supported by Canterbury City Council through the provision of rent free accommodation in a weatherboard cottage - now the site of Lakemba Library - as well as funding under the Area Assistance Plan of the Whitlam Government of 1972-75.[3]

It is now known as the Canterbury City Community Centre or 4Cs


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