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Canterbury Branch Library originally operated from a one room shop front on Minter Street, just around the corner from Canterbury Road, Canterbury. It first opened on 15 September 1947. It was the third branch of the City of Canterbury Library Service.

There was no running water, just a washstand and jug which the cleaner filled each morning. There was only one staff member - Shirley Cox. The branch had no books for children except a few donations. There was no table for the public to use, only a couple of chairs. A new building was officially opened on 21 November 1952 by the Mayor, Alderman H.R. Thorncraft, at 201- 203 Canterbury Road, Canterbury. There were large floor to ceiling windows right across the front with a foyer in the centre. Small windows above the shelves on both sides of the building let in lots of light. Canterbury Branch Library closed during 1987 and the building was demolished a few years later.