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The Canterbury-Hurlstone Park was the 3rd of the RSL Sub-Branches to be formed in 1927 at a meeting held in the old Boy Scout's Hall in Charles Street, convened by Warwick Carruthers, Bert Crook and Bert Tout. Subsequent meetings were in the town and other halls, and even in Ern Morrison's home. The Sub-Branch received its charter on 28th August 1930. A women's auxiliary was constituted in 1939 and assisted materially in raising sufficient funds through a carnival at Yeo Park to purchase a site on Canterbury Road and erected a club from two army huts.

Until 1978, 21 Sub-Branch members have been awarded life membership. Of these, Bert Crook, Frank Maloney, Ern Morrison, Joe Shaw and Bill Davis were foundation members who served on the first committee.

The RSL Club opened in 1947 with Bert Crook as Secretary Manager and a staff of only 2 persons. As the Club grew in membership and importance further extensions were made. In 1954 Sir John Northcott opened a memorial chapel and the club extension. The present premises were opened by the State President, F Maher. The Club auditorium seats 800 and other facilities.


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