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The Bulldogs Rugby League Football Club, an Australian rugby league team, have had a number of team songs throughout their history.

We're Bulldogs

The current Bulldogs team song is "We're Bulldogs". Despite the official status of "We're Bulldogs" as team song, it is not generally played at Bulldogs home matches when the players enter the field: instead, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" by Baha Men is used.

That’s why we’re Bulldogs.
We play like Bulldogs.

It comes from deep inside.
A kind of family pride.
It's true as day is long.
It's brave, it's tough, it's strong.
It's history that makes
The character it takes.
It's power, guts and guile.
A dogged football style.

That's why (that's why) we're Bulldogs.
We play (we play) like Bulldogs.
No fear (no fear), we're Bulldogs.
We'll stay (we'll stay) like Bulldogs.

It’s victories we've won.
And hard yards we have run.
Attack that can inspire.
Defence that's full of fire.
A character that shows
Despite the highs and lows.
It's courage that you need
To join this special breed, yeah.


That's why we're Bulldogs.
We play like Bulldogs.

We're Bulldogs

We are the Mighty Bulldogs

"We are the Mighty Bulldogs" was the club's 1980s-era team song. It is set to the tune of the Marines' Hymn.

We are the mighty Bulldogs.
The Canterbury breed.
We play it hard.
We play it tough.
We're the greatest in the league.

We've got a mighty pack of forwards
And a line of leading backs.
When that whistle blows
You all will know
As we leave them in our tracks.
So come on mighty Bulldogs
Let's show them how it's done.
With our power, speed
The Bulldog breed
Will keep them on the run.

We are the Mighty Bulldogs

Canterbury is the Greatest

Before the adoption of the Bulldogs name in 1978, the club was simply known as Canterbury-Bankstown or Canterbury. In the 1970s, "Canterbury is the Greatest" was the team song.

Canterbury is the greatest,
We're the greatest of them all,
Canterbury is the greatest
We are always on the ball

We play it hard,
We play it tough
We never know when
We've had enough
We're always there
When the going's rough
That is Canterbury


We're Blue and White,
Yeah that’s our style
Win or lose we wear a smile
If you wanna know we're here to stay,
Come along and see us play