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Alderman John William P Blick was an Alderman for Canterbury Municipal Council from 1928 to 1934, and 1937 to 1944, and he lived in Church Street Canterbury. Blick Oval in Canterbury Park was named after Alderman Blick, and Blick Parade off Church Street is also named after him. Mr Blick was a builder and was prominent in the district. He played cricket locally for about 20 years. Council started work on the oval in the 1930s, and this was finished in 1945/6. The oval was probably named after Alderman Blick in about 1942. The grandstand was known as Blick Pavillion, but this name is no longer used. Major refurbishments were carried out to the grandstand in 2003

John Blick was born in Maitland in 1879, married Elsie Eggins in Grafton in 1909, died and was buried in Sydney in 1958. He was survived by one son, John HF Blick. According to his obituary, John Blick was a member of the Marrickville District Hospital Board for 30 years. He had lived and worked in Griffith in the Riverina for some years before moving to Sydney. In Griffith he was "formerly manager of the fruit and vegetable section of the Producers Co-operative Distributing Society Ltd" and during World War 1 "acted in the growers interests in the control of citrus products". A representative of the Griffiths Producers attended his funeral. Below are transcripts of obituaries to Mr Blick published in two Riverina newspapers.

"PASSING OF MR JW BLICK" The death occurred on Friday in Sydney of Mr JW Blick, 78, who was formerly manager of the Fruit and Vegetable section of the Producers Co-operative Distributing Society Ltd.

Mr Blick was well known in the MIA, having represented the Griffith Producers and during the war, having acted in growers' interests in the control of citrus products. He was also an alderman of Canterbury Council for 13 years and a member of Marrickville District Hospital Board for 30 years.

Mr Blick is survived by one son, Mr JH Blick. The funeral took place yesterday in Sydney. Mr TT Morley represented the Griffith Producers.

-"The Area News" 25 March 1958

"DEATH OF FORMER PRODUCERS MANAGER" The death occurred on Friday last of Mr. J. W. Blick, well-known on the M.I.A. The late Mr. Blick was 78 years of age, and his death occurred in Sydney. Deceased had represented Griffith Producers for many years, and was a former manager of the Fruit & Vegetable Section of the Producers' Co-operative Distributing Society Ltd. He is survived by one son, Mr. J. H. Blick. Mr. T. T. Morley represented Griffith Producers' at the funeral in Sydney on Monday.

-"The Riverina Advocate 27 March 1958


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