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Beulah Vista is located at 15 Church Street, Canterbury and was the former home of George Tomkins, an early stonemason and builder in the area. Tomkins acquired the property on 27th April, 1891.

Originally the land had been part of 30 acres granted to William Poor which was eventually subdivided to form part of the Rosebank Estate. Construction of the residence took place between 1891 and 1905 and the sandstone was quarried in Earlwood NSW.[1] According to the Canterbury heritage study "It is a two storey brick residence featuring a cedar staircase, cast iron valences, brackets, verandah rails and balustrade panels; timber postwork; a galvanised iron hipped roof; stone quoins, sills and porch. The Church Street frontage of the house was fenced with an imposing brick and timber structure."[2][3]

Beulah Vista was acquired by Canterbury City Council in 1978 with the intention to devote it to being an art centre or museum.[4] It is now the headquarters of Canterbury & District Historical Society after having undergone restoration work from 1982.[5] It forms a significant part of a group of historic buildings that are known as the Church Street Precinct[6]


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