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Belmore Railway Station. Previous to the completion of the extension to Bankstown, this was the terminal point of the line.

Belmore railway station is a station on the CityRail Bankstown line, located in the Sydney suburb of Belmore. It opened in 1895 and was the terminus of the line until 1909 when the line was extended to Bankstown.[1] It is generally served by four trains per hour in each direction, although this can vary during peak hours when there may be extra services, and also after hours when services are less frequent. Situated in a cutting, it has a slender island platform, and is crossed by a road bridge which carries Burwood Road. Entry is through an original wooden ticket office directly off Burwood Road, a single set of stairs and a single lift providing access to the platform below. The lift provides Easy Access for wheelchairs to the platform.

Platforms and services

The station is served by two to four trains per hour each way, with additional trains during weekday peak hours.


The sharp curves through the island platform at Belmore impose a speed limit of 40 km/h. This would not have been a problem with older and slower steam trains in the 1890s era, but does constrict the more modern and higher speed electric trains. The line speed is otherwise 80 km/h.

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