Belmore Railway Station Heritage Panel

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Belmore Railway Station, Heritage Panel 4. See larger version PDF

Burwood Rd. near Tobruck Avenue, Belmore Unveiled by Councillor John Gorrie, Mayor of Canterbury on 1st February 1995

The railway line from Sydenham to Belmore opened on 1 February, 1895, constructed after arguments over the route it should take. It was suggested as a loop line between St. Peters and Liverpool, to relieve congestion on the main western and southern railway. The first official survey line, Bell's Line, was along the valley on the south side of Canterbury Road. The railway station was initially to be called "St. George", but after objections from communities on the Illawarra Line, it was changed to "Belmore", as it was the closest station to the settled district around Belmore Road (now Punchbowl). The Earl of Belmore was Governor of NSW from 1868 to 1872. Land surrounding the new station was owned by the Redman and Mooney families, who were both slow to subdivide, so the main development of the suburb took place in the boom after the First World War. The line was extended to Bankstown in 1909.

Prepared by Canterbury City Library. Research for this panel by Lesley Muir and Brian Madden.