Belmore-Campsie Park

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Council took steps to acquire park sites at Belmore, Hurlstone Park, Earlwood and Punchbowl in 1920. All these parks were named after the suburbs where they were located: this perhaps explains the name of Belmore-Campsie Park.

Belmore-Campsie Park was purchased in three sections between 1918 and 1921. The first two parcels were purchased by the State government and the third by Council. The park was opened in either 1921 or 1922. The land was formerly known as Gunn's Paddock.

Council purchased a large stand from the Sydney Cricket Ground and had it re-erected at the park as part of unemployment relief works. This stand was opened on March 14 1936 by Mayor SE Parry and was named after him. The oval was always known as Belmore Oval. The park covers 22 acres and from 1951 has contained the Belmore Bowling Recreation Club green.

Council moved other sports played at the park to grounds else-where and football was given priority, probably in 1967.