Beaman Park

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This area was known as Nobbs Flat, named after Joseph Nobbs and his family who settled there from 1830. His grandson's old stone house was built in 1853 and can be seen at the south side of the park. It is the oldest surviving house in the local government area In the mid 19th century Nobbs Flat was the venue for popular but illegal barefisted boxing outs.

In the 1880's Nobbs Flat was the home of several poultry farmers. The Wardell Road bridge was opened in 1899. There was a favourite swimming hole near Nobbs Flat until the river course was changed when bank protection work was earned out.

At one stage Bearnan Park was known as the Western Suburbs Church Cricket Union Sports Ground. The park was renamed in 1957 after Alderman J.A. Beaman who served Council from 1956 to 1980 as Alderman and as Mayor in 1970-71.