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Baxter's Bus Lines is an Australian bus charter company in Sydney. Until August 2006, it operated route bus services in Western Sydney.


Baxter's Bus Lines was formed when the Merrylands based services of Barklimore Brothers were purchased in the 1970s. In January 1987 the Wentworthville services of Western Road Transport Services were acquired.[1]

In April 1992, the Granville based services of Delwood Coaches were purchased, and in June 1995 the services of Bass Hill Bus Service were acquired.[2][3] The Bass Hill bus services were renumbered 930 and 932 from 20 and 21 shortly after.[4][5]

In April 2004, bus services 817 and 818 were transferred from Bustrans to Baxter's.[6] They were soon transferred to Transit First along with the former Bass Hill Bus services in January 2005.[7] On the same day, the former Delwood Coaches services were transferred to Connex NSW[8] In August 2006, the remaining bus services were sold and transferred to Westbus.[9][10][11]

Baxter's also operates a charter fleet and after the bus services were sold, was retained and relocated to Glendenning.[12] Following Westbus vacating the Girraween depot, Baxer's moved back in December 2013.

Bus routes transferred to Connex in January 2005:[7]

Bus routes transferred to Transit First in January 2005:[7]

Remaining bus routes transferred to Westbus in September 2006:[11]


As at March 2015, the fleet consisted of 27 buses and coaches.[13] Baxter's fleet livery has always been fawn with an orange stripe. Fleet presentation has always been a high priority with vehicles rarely seen in anything but pristine condition.[14]


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