Bankstown Fire Station

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Bankstown Fire Station is located at 353 Liverpool Road, Bankstown NSW.

Bankstown fire station's historical roots date back to 1913, when the Bankstown Council first inquired about the feasibility of establishing a fire brigade in Bankstown. However, it was not until 1916 that the first temporary station became operational. The station was fitted with a horsedrawn carriage and equipment for emergency calls, including a hand pump, a 1,000-foot harness, four scaling ladders, two chemical extinguishers and a telephone. At that time the station was attended only by a captain and five firefighters who were on partial pay. In 1917 the fire brigade board purchased pre-existing premises and adapted them for its use as a fire station, and the Bankstown fire station is still at the same location. In 1972 the fire brigade board erected a new fire station on the existing site, completed in 1975.

The station is now staffed by about 24 firefighters. It underwent a $1.4 million upgrade in 2013[1] The upgrade included a first-floor training room which will also become a bushfire control command centre during summer. The major refurbishment also includes a new fitness room, operations room, new toilets, showers, lockers, storage and a double fire engine bay.[2]