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The Beginnings of Ashbury Public School

Ashbury Public School Library, 1977. Ashbury Public School Library is an 18 metre Binishell building.

Ashbury Public School is located on Trevenar Street, Ashbury.A formal application for the establishment of a public school was made on 14 April 1923 and was approved by the Minister for Public Instruction on 14 July 1923. Part of the Trevenar Estate was resumed on 24 October 1923 for that purpose, and gazetted on 2 November 1923. At first the proposed school was known as Ashfield South, but in 1926 the name was changed to Ashbury. An area of two acres, two roods and twenty and three-quarter perches was bought, costing £4,469.

In May 1924 the district's first school, an Infants' School, was opened as a result of an application stating that 300 children, between the ages of four and fourteen, lived within a two mile radius of the site. Miss Margaret Eastwood was the first teacher. SHe took classes in a weatherboard building, which was rented from Mrs A M Gray for £1.0.0 per week, in the hollow of Fifth Street. This lease was terminated on 31 December 1925 and staff and pupils moved into the Methodist School Hall, alongside the school land in Melville Street, at a cost of £52.0.0 per annum. After teh school moved the wooden premises were used for many years as a house.

A strong Parents & Citizens Association urged that the school building be commenced, but approval was not granted by the Minister until 12 April 1926. By August 1927, E E Allman's tender of £13,232 was accepted. On 12 July 1926 an application was mad for two double portable classrooms to be erected on Ashbury school land. A fire broke out after about 12 months occupancy and one portable was destroyed. The primary pupils were sent to Canterbury and Ashfield schools and the infants department was moved back into the Methodist Hall until the new permanent building was ready.

In August 1928 the new school, a two-storey brick structure of 12 classrooms with accommodation for 600 pupils in infants and primary departments, was completed. It was opened with an approximate enrolment of 350 pupils. Mr M Sullivan was the first Principal.

School Library

Ashbury Public School Library is an 18 metre Binishell building. The Binishell form of architecture was named after Dante N Bini the Italian Architect who constructed the first Binishell building. It was erected in 1977.

Ashbury School Song

Since '28 this school has stood

for all that's true and free,

For training those beneath its roof

good citizens to be,

From infants' ways through childhood days

of love and loyalty,

So let us sing, our voices ring

at Ashbury on the hill,

So let us sing, our voices ring

at Ashbury on the hill.


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