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Aiden Tolman is an Australian professional rugby league footballer for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the NRL. He previously played for the Melbourne Storm. He primarily plays at prop and he can also play in the second-row.

While attending St Paul's College, Kempsey in 2006, Tolman was selected to play for the Australian Schoolboys team.[1] He has also played for the Junior Kangaroos.[2]

Tolman played his junior football with the Smithtown Tigers and he has also played for the Central Coast Storm and the Queensland Cup side, Norths Devils.[3][4] Tolman made his first-grade debut against the Canberra Raiders in round 6 of the 2008 season.[5] He has been compared to former Melbourne Storm player Robbie Kearns.[6] In 2008 he was named the Melbourne Storm rookie of the year.[7]

He played in the 2009 premiership against Parramatta.[8]


On 18 May 2010, he signed for the Canterbury Bulldogs for 3 years. [9]


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