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Canterbury, like many local government areas, has a number of streets named with Aboriginal words. However, there is no evidence that these names were specifically related to the Canterbury area. The streets would have been named in the twentieth century when there were probably very few Aboriginal people remaining in Canterbury. It seems that Aboriginal street names were fashionable, and many of the same names are found in other areas across Australia, indicating they are possibly not local names. For example, Girrahween Park in Earlwood is an Aboriginal word meaning 'place of flowers'. There are four streets and two other parks in Sydney named Girraween, as well as Girraween parks in other states.

Bulanaming is the only recorded Aboriginal name definitely associated with part of the Canterbury area, and was a locality rather than a defined location. It was used until the 1820's for the area west of Sydney between Parramatta Road and the Cooks River, to a point just west of the present Canterbury Racecourse to Peace Park.

Name Location Meaning
Alkoomie Street Beverly Hills Very nice
Allambee Crescent Beverly Hills To remain awhile
Arilla Avenue Riverwood Other possible spelling Arellah; dancing ground
Arinya Street Kingsgrove Kangaroo
Attunga Avenue Earlwood High Place
Bambra Avenue Punchbowl Mushroom
Baralga Crescent Riverwood Native companion
Baringa Road Earlwood Light
Barremma Road Lakemba White ironbark
Bellombi Street Campsie No
Benaroon Road Lakemba Blackbutt
Biara Avenue Campsie Banksia
Boomerang Avenue Earlwood
Booragul Street Beverly Hills Summer
Boorea Avenue Lakemba Turpentine tree
Burradoo Road Beverly Hills Many brigalow
Burrimul Street Kingsgrove Emu
Bykool Avenue Kingsgrove Blackfellow
Carbethon Crescent Beverly Hills Cheerful
Coolabah Street Beverly Hills Black box tree
Cooloongatta Road Beverly Hills Fine view
Coorabin Place Riverwood Spring constantly running
Coorilla Avenue Canterbury South
Doonkuna Street Beverly Hills Rising
Elouera Street Beverly Hills Pleasant place
Enoggera Road Beverly Hills From ynoggera, meaning not verified
Eulabah Street Earlwood Possibly Coolabah: black box tree
Eumina Street Beverly Hills Repose
Garema Circuit Kingsgrove Camp
Garrong Road Lakemba Species of wattle
Girraween Park Earlwood Place of flowers
Gungaroo Place Beverly Hills Crane
Gunyah Crescent Lakemba Place of shelter
Iluka Street Riverwood Near the sea
Jindalee Place Punchbowl Bare hill, or no skin on the bones
Junee Crescent Kingsgrove Chunnee: frog, or speak to me
Kangaroo St Canterbury (now Phillips Avenue)
Kardella Crescent Kingsgrove Possum
Karingal Street Kingsgrove Happy camp
Karool Avenue Earlwood Stone
Kiewarra Street Lakemba Dark
Kilkee Avenue Kingsgrove Water hen
Killara Avenue Kingsgrove Always there
Kirrang Street Beverly Hills Wattle
Koala Road Lakemba Native bear, man
Maramba Close Kingsgrove Better
Marana Road Earlwood Stars
Metella Crescent Belfield Camp Cove
Mildura Reserve Campsie From dura: a fly and mil, the eye, a place where sore eyes are prevalent, caused by flies which could not be driven off
Minnamorra Avenue Earlwood Plenty of fish
Moondani Road Beverly Hills Embrace
Mooral Avenue Punchbowl Plenty
Myall Street Belmore 1.wild untamed man 2.amateur nature of native born
Myee Street Lakemba Native born
Nanowie Street Narwee A corner
Narani Crescent Earlwood other possible spelling Narangy: small, little, few, or Narrami: net
Narwee Avenue Beverly Hills The sun
Nirimba Avenue Beverly Hills Pelican
Patonga Street Kingsgrove Small wallaby
Turrella Reserve Earlwood Water weeds
Urunga Parade Punchbowl A long beach
Wangee Road Lakemba Tallowwood gum
Waratah Street Canterbury Red flowering tree
Warrigal Street Canterbury Dingo or wild dog
Werona Avenue Punchbowl Quiet
Willeroo Street Lakemba Curlew
Willunga Avenue Earlwood Scrubby place
Wirega Avenue Kingsgrove Clear ground
Wolli Avenue Earlwood Woli: native camp, Wolli: camping place
Wonga Street Campsie 1.to speak 2.large pigeon 3.vine bearing clusters of yellow/white flowers
Woorail Avenue Kingsgrove Lyrebird
Yangoora Road Belmore Stringybark
Yatama Park Clemton Park Good


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