118th General Hospital

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The largest military hospital in Australia was built on this site by the Australian Government under Reverse Lend-Lease for the 118th General Hospital. It was located on a 236 acre site located in the area between Canterbury Road, the East Hills Railway Line, Salt Pan Creek and Bonds Road

The 118th General Hospital was a military hospital built in 1942 at Riverwood. This was built by the Australian Government under Reverse Lend-Lease and was the largest military hospital in Australia.

Known as the 118 General Hospital it was planned as a hospital centre of five hospitals. 490 timber barracks-type buildings, each approximately 12 by 30 metres, were constructed. These buildings were known as huts, and housed a total of 4,250 beds and accommodated 1,250 patients and 3,500 staff. Black and white soldiers were segregated into separate huts.

The US Army vacated the hospital in 1945 and later the site passed to the New South Wales Housing Commission.